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From Year 2003

11-July-03: Celebrating the Fourth of July!
Clay twisted, sprained, and just generally made a mess out of his ankle when he tried to walk on air,
thinking he was on the bottom step when he was not.  While the ankle injury was not serious according to
diagnosis, it still was not the best way to celebrate independence and a three-day weekend.  
But, we did take the new
Honda Odyssey minivan down to the Trinity River levee to watch
second largest fireworks display in the country.  New pictures on the Holiday page
show some of the aerial show.

27-June-03: Special Guests in Friends and Family
Just received and posted some pictures of our UK friends - Jan and Brad Jones and their charming
daughter, Eloise.  They live in
Erith, a suburb on the eastern fringe of London, and live on a street and in a
house that will remind many of the Harry Potter's Muggle house on Privet Lane.

24-May-03: Mission Drive-In - San Antonio, TX
We drove to San Antonio last Sat. and enjoyed the Mission Drive-in. The double feature ("X-men 2" and
"Identity") weren't all that great-but we sure enjoyed the drive-in Hamburgers and  the drive through the
Texas "Hill Country".  Be sure and check out  
drive-ins.com for  the best info on drive-ins. Chances are
there's an operating  D-I near you!

29-May-03:  NetFlix
Like to rent videos-but hate dealing with the "Blockbuster's" of the World.?  Check  out netflix.com.
We are VERY satisfied subscribers-and heartily recommend this outfit.

15-May-03: Easter Bunnies and Doggie Angels
We visited the lettuce patch in Marquez, TX where we met some Easter bunnies that we hadn't seen in a
long time:  Dottie, Marcus, Linda, and Barbara.  The pictures are on the  
Friends and Family page.  And
some new pictures of the animal herd at play and at rest.

05-May-03:  Finally, Something New!l
here are new pictures in the Friends and Family section. Well, not new - they are from our trip to Mark's
family in
Topeka, KS for Thanksgiving - but they are new to the web site. And we have tried to make the
pictures easier to select and view.

01-March-03: It's Drive-In Season Again!
The Brazos Drive-In in Granbury, Texas opens its 2003 season TONIGHT!  We are off to see a great
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Catch Me If You Can. It has been a grim and
grueling week with the icy road conditions, and we can't wait to get to the drive-in again!

03-February-21 through 23: Driving To New Mexico
Drove to Angel Fire, NM in the hopes of finding property so we will have a place to vacation
with our angels. Found the best location (i.e.,
the Ski Run Condominiums) with three efficiency units
(approx. 500 sq. ft) with wonderful panoramas of the ski lift on one side and the
Eagle Nest valley and
Wheeler Peak on the other.
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